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Who I Am and Why You Will Learn the "Must Knows" of Writing

Donna Conger

I am the author of 5 published books, several completed, but unpublished books, and an untold number of ideas in my busy mind. My books are available under my own name on and in numerous online and brick and mortar bookstores across the nation. I am represented by The Ferguson Literary Agency, Cheryl Ferguson, agent. Reviews of my books appear in numerous reader's websites as well as writer's websites, and I have been selected to be the guest speaker and guest for many a radio interview. I have authored and published over 100 stories, poems, and articles. I have owned and operated more than 7 fiction and non-fiction publications. Currently, I moderate 2 online writer's groups, and operate several websites dedicated to writers and entertainment.

My Philosophy

Writers are born, not made. However, discovering that you are a writer, and writing well are two different things. Writers arrive on the literary scene in a variety of stages; some hatch out of the egg with a high level of skill, and others are like a steak--with a lot of meat, but very raw.
I am not the kind of writer who likes to hear herself talk; I believe in keeping it simple, in offering practical, hands on methods to help people learn, and in being accessible.

15 powerful lessons that will help you master the techniques and business of writing and getting published

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