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I'm so glad you're here, and you'll be glad you found this site!
I know. That's a bold statement. But hey...there's a lot of competition on the Web, and everyone will tell you (in some form or another) that there's is the ONLY article or book to read. Well, I'm not going to tell you that. Nor will I give you any guarantees as to your success because it is up to you to study and apply the lessons. In other words, WORK AT IT! 

The New Writer's Workshop was intended as a book for Writer's Digest. However, I decided that the eighteen years of success and failures I've experienced should not depend upon the YES or NO of a single company. Writer's Digest magazine and books are excellent resources, but there's too much to absorb when you're first starting out. It occurred to me that since I used to write how-to articles for a writer's magazine, I should make them available to new writers. These are the most basic of basics; information that, yes, you can find elsewhere, but you'd have to sift through a ton of books and pay a lot of money to find out what you need to know! For a very small fee, I'll download these powerful articles directly to your email box. I'll answer your questions. And please take note that there is a link to WORKSHOPS that will, when you're ready, take you to the next level of BASIC WRITING.
I have read dozens of books on writing, and I still read them, and nowhere else will you get the extremely BASIC, easy to read lessons I'm offering here. Few writers will take the time to email you personally. Nearly every day I read a post that goes something like this: "I have decided to become a writer. I have wanted to write for years. It's burning inside me; I have a story that needs to be told, but I don't know where to start." Inevitably, when someone finds out that I am a writer, either they are toying with writing or know someone who wants to write, and they always, without fail ask me: "Where and how do I get started?"
And I always say, "By getting your resources lined up and learning through them." Notice I did not say that a new writer learns them, because that would mean that all you do is get some formula in your head and go. No! Writing is a uniquely individual craft. The very originality of a story is what publishers are after, and so what any writing resource is after is to help teach what you must know, and then hope that each person will apply it to the gift within them.
It's a huge undertaking, but it is managed in steps. These lessons are baby steps that many new writers do not know about. There are many myths and misunderstandings about writing and writers. And I'm out to debunk and clarify. The first, most basic lesson--and this is for free--is so simple, but you will find it to be a powerful ally as you go deeper into writing: Writing is about having your facts straight. This applies not only to what you are actually writing, but also to the business of writing. The two go hand in hand. If you sacrifice accuracy at any point in your writing career, you will reap a rather nasty harvest. You're probably thinking, oh, a rejection, huh? Nope. A rejection is only part of it.
Now. I'm going to stop. It's your turn now. If this were a printed book, I'll tell you to turn the page and let's get started. Instead, move that mouse and click as fast as you can on the link to the "Services" page.
Congratulations on taking this step, and remember, you are not alone!

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15 powerful lessons that will help you master the techniques and business of writing and getting published

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