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New Writers Workshop

Course Names and Prices

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Course and Price List

This e-course lasts for 2 weeks (2 lessons are emailed to you on the 14th day). You will receive one lesson per day with an optional workshop exercise. You do not need to complete the exercise to "graduate"; however, if you are a beginning writer, you will greatly benefit from flexing your literary muscles following each lesson. Once all lessons have been mailed, you will receive a "graduation certificate", saying that you have completed this exciting e-course. You can print it out and proudly display it near your work area!


What I Wish I Known When I Started Writing

Lesson 3
Professional Submission Techniques 
Lesson 4
Writer's License


Lesson 5  

How to Write Great Fiction


Lesson 6

Show, Don't Tell?


Lesson 7

Fiction: Reveal Yourself!


Lesson 8

What is P.O.V. and Why Is It So Important?


Lesson 9

The One Sentence Synopsis


Lesson 10

Exploit Your Life!


Lesson 11
Looking For Your Voice?


Lesson 12

Perfecting Plot


Lesson 13

How To Create Really Real Characters


Lesson 14

What's in a Name?


Lesson 15

Optional Q&A, Certificate

The original, interactive e-course for writers who want real answers about how and where to get started!

Are you interested in purchasing individual courses? Please click below. Please advised, however, that you WILL NOT receive a graduation certificate.

Please specify the name or names of the e-course you'd like to receive. Thanks!

15 powerful lessons that will help you master the techniques and business of writing and getting published

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