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Reader Comments

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Reader Comments

May 2003, Inspirations

In every part of society, be it family, workplace or even church someone sits; cast aside.  The Trial of Jonathan Green proved a gripping tale, firmly ensconsed between the fantasy and the reality of a dissenfranchised dreamer.  Dream and truth, so often at odds rarely fuse into such a distilled and dangerous moment.  Jonathan's trial teeters on the brink of distruction as one of God's clowns makes his stand. Nice work Mr. Conger.

Bill Gentsch

* * *Read Forgotten while on vacation. A thoroughly good suspense read and couldn't put down. So, again my pride is extended towards you for a job well done! Sell a lot of books now!

--Judy Decker, Massachusetts

*** I was supposed to spend my day off painting my rec room, but I sat down after breakfast, intending to take a short break and start reading Forgotten! I couldn't put it down. I got to the last page and realized that I had spent the whole day reading! Wonderful book!

--Joann Brooks, Utah

***Love your book (Forgotten)!  Love your characters!  Ah to be pampered by a rich guy!  I can't help it...I just love the lap of luxury...especially if said lap is strong and manly. I think that's one of your great gifts -- psychological suspense. I kept being amazed by the beginning of Forgotten. It felt like a police mystery. I think you should consider writing a mystery...just once...and pull out all the stops. You could have your readers on the edge of their seats.

--Carole McDonnell, New York

***Where are all the Robert's in the world? (Forgotten)

--Jordi Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah

***A wonderful story of inspiration and caring that you won't be able to put down, until the final moment when it all comes together. Don't miss this book!

--Robin Bayne, Maryland 

***I bought your book VetCop last week from the internet.  I read it and was really impressed!  I really enjoyed it! 

--Brenda Miller, Missouri

***Couldn't sleep last night, so I sat up and read " Forgotten". Couldn't stop until I finished.  It was 6:00 am this morning  Just had to get to the end and see how it ended. I JUST WANT TO SAY---you go girl.

--Bernice Levert, California

***I just finished Forgotten.  It was great.  I could not put it down
until I finished it. Congratulations!  Keep up the good work."

--Ida Manear, Birmingham, Alabama

***"A delightful, humorous romance combined with real page-turning suspense, VET COP is a real keeper! I loved it!"

--Linda Morelli, author of the historical romance, FIERY SURRENDER

***Hi! I'm so excited! I finished [VetCop] today! I stayed up until 2 in the morning, and then when I got up I read it until I was finished. Is there a continuation to it? I loved the steamy love scenes. I just wanted you to know I had finished it and really Loved it.

Pat Shankle, Texas

***What a wonderfully written, heartwarming story. I finished [Forgotten] yesterday afternoon. I'm impressed. It is RARE that I find a book to hold my interest in that way. Usually I start reading, and then lose something. Alan is the sweetest little boy. I absolutely loved him. I loved all the characters, all the way down to Acton. You must've had to do a lot of research for that story, huh? What prompted you to write about the Diamond business? That was very interesting. And, I love anything to do with Italy, or the Mafia.

Michele, California

***I finished VetCop. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the way you kept the physical tension between them always having some sort of interruption. As a reader, I could really feel their frustration.

Jennifer Leonard, Texas

***Your website is lovely and interesting to read. All the best to you and your e-zine. I also wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Vet Cop. It was a delight to read.

Charlene Tess

Author of
The Van Winkle Bride and Simple Steps to Sentence Sense.
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