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This page contains links to other inspirational web sites and fine magazines with plenty of reading. If you're a writer, be sure to check out any links to writer-friendly sites. If you know about a web site that has a variety of feel good articles and short stories, let me know!

The Inspiration Station

An incredible newsletter especially for teenagers

Gotta Write Litmag

Writer's Digest Merit Award Winner

Kay Allenbaugh
The Nationally Best-Selling Series

The Writer's Hood

A virtual neighborhood of genres nestled in the cyber shade,
The Writer's Hood welcomes readers all, in support of veteran and amateur writers.

Ripple Maker

Reach Out  -  Get Involved
Make a Ripple  -  Make a Difference

Pearl Soup

"Building a Better World, One Story At A Time"

EN Magazine is what's in . . . full of inspiring stories about real, everyday people.

The Writer's Studio

"Of the scores of writing groups in New York, The Writers Studio is probably the smallest and most personal of the formal programs." --The New York Times