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Romance Writing 101 Workshop

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Welcome to Romance Writing 101, the original seven day e-course for new romance writers!
You've stopped by because you're someone who wants to write--something. Do you have a novel in mind? Have you started a book? If so, you already have a lot of questions about where and how to begin your lifelong dream.
It's simple. Sign up right now for a week that will answer many of the questions and concerns aspiring romance authors have. Even if you have had some success in getting your work in print, the world of writing and publishing books is a multi layered world, and the best way to succeed is to possess ever increasing knowledge. Things change. The market changes. We all continue to learn. I'm here to help you learn what I've picked up along the way. My goal is to make it much easier for you than it was for me.
Ready to change your life?

One of the most important things to remember is that writing anything can be compared to a great many metaphors. Stop right now and think...what can you compare your writing journey to? A train? A garden? The sea? Visualize it for yourself. Keep that picture in mind as you learn, both through this course, and in the course of your writing lifetime.
I've placed a photo here of how I see my own journey and the end result. I feel as if I started as a cold, rocky, dank cave. Rejection, learning, reading and practice all carved out this intricate maze inside me. There is passage and there is great value.  I have learned so much in almost 20 years. There is an infinite amount still to be learned, but the wonderful thing about writing is that you keep growing. Which makes you better and better . . . and better.

Antelope Canyon

The original seven day e-course for new and intermediate romance writers!

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