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About Me

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My Professional and Personal Biographies

My Professional Biography

I am the author of 4 published romance novels, all of which have received high acclaim. The books are written under my own name--for now! I am represented by The Ferguson Literary Agency, Cheryl Ferguson, agent, and will be making several new romances available under various pen names. I have written and published over 100 how-to articles on the craft of writing. I have been senior editor of 4 romantic fiction magazines during the nineties. In addition, I moderate 2 online groups, operate several web sites, and have been featured on numerous radio shows and writing sites for my informative, down to earth style.

My Personal Biography

I am a native of Kansas. I left my beloved home state in 1975 to attend college on the North Shore of Massachusetts. In between raising my children and running a home, I worked on writing romance novels. My first romance novel was published in 1995, after just 7 years of laboring hard to get published! When I'm not writing, listening to my husband go on about fishing and sports or raising my 4 kids, I crochet, sew, collect porcelain dolls, make wedding gowns for dolls and take long, leisurely walks. I love classical music, old time jazz, and old time, slap stick comedy.

The original seven day e-course for new and intermediate romance writers!

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