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August Inspirations


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Reader Comments

This page is devoted to the comments I've received about my novels. Feel free to email me (see "Contact Me" page for address) with any comments you have about any book on the "Reviews" Page!

A delightful, humorous romance combined with real page-turning suspense, VET COP is a real keeper! I loved it! Linda Morelli, author of the historical romance, FIERY SURRENDER

Hi! I'm so excited! I finished [VetCop] today! I stayed up until 2 in the morning, and then when I got up I read it until I was finished. Is there a continuation to it? I loved the steamy love scenes. I just wanted you to know I had finished it and really Loved it.

Pat Shankle, Texas

What a wonderfully written, heartwarming story. I finished [Forgotten] yesterday afternoon. I'm impressed. It is RARE that I find a book to hold my interest in that way. Usually I start reading, and then lose something. Alan is the sweetest little boy. I absolutely loved him. I loved all the characters, all the way down to Acton. You must've had to do a lot of research for that story, huh? What prompted you to write about the Diamond business? That was very interesting. And, I love anything to do with Italy, or the Mafia.

Michele, California

I finished VetCop. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the way you kept the physical tension between them always having some sort of interruption. As a reader, I could really feel their frustration.

Jennifer L, Texas

Your website is lovely and interesting to read. All the best to you and your e-zine. I also wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Vet Cop. It was a delight to read.

Charlene Tess

Author of
The Van Winkle Bride and Simple Steps to Sentence Sense.
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I also wanted to let readers know that I have two more novels coming out. The first is a romantic suspense e-book (published on disk only, not paper) by New Concepts Publishing. Imagine having a fight with your spouse, storming off for the weekend so you can cool down, and then coming home and finding him dead. Worse, the body's been deceased for exactly the same amount of time you've been gone, and you can't prove that you didn't do it. "The Last Lesson" is due for release Fall 2002. Also, "The Green Moon" is due for release February 2003 by Port Town Publishing. It's four hundred years in the future, and paper has been outlawed! It is illegal to manufacture it, and a government agency controls the electronic communication devices in our world. Add to this an unlikely romance between a high official and a rebel, the past and the future, and "The Green Moon" is more than your average futuristic thriller!