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November Inspirations
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People are always asking me: "Are you related to THE Darva Conger?" My first response is to say, "Duh"...what do you think? Just take a look at my picture (above), and Darva's picture (below).


In all fairness, our last names are the same, and obviously, I wasn't born CONGER. It's my married name. If you read October's issue, then you know my husband is white. The truth is that I am distantly related to the famous (or infamous) beauty. One of the main differences between us is that I write, and she poses for Playboy. When she married Rick Rockwell, I wrote an article about it for our local paper. You can read that on this month's article page. Be sure to check out the rest of this issue, and be sure to tell all your friends about Inspirations!

November 2002

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Reality: The Novel

This just in . . . my new novel, The Green Moon, is available for order at a special pre-release price!


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