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March Inspirations
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GREAT NEWS! I just found out that my novel, "Forgotten", is available on!


Spring is on it's way. Really! It might not seem like it; snow is almost everywhere, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. The calendar, however, never lies. Spring will come.
I've imported a photo of a lovely creek to cheer up those of you who are getting cabin fever. Check out the Utah Blog page for more pretty photos. Also, be sure to stop by the New Releases page. Many of the authors I feature on that page sell their books only through the Internet. Getting books into a bookstore is harder than most people realize. An author recently lamented that people don't like to take the time to order online; they prefer a bookstore. But the books featured on Inspirations are EXCELLENT, and so, if your checkbook/credit card allows it, do consider purchasing at least one that strikes your fancy. Also, I've added a link to an interview with one of the authors featured on the New Release page. Her name is Tricia Goyer, and if you're interested in the holocaust and the power of the human spirit, you will want to order her book.

Special Holiday Short Story


Christmas Short Story: The Gift (Christian)

  March 2003

Trout Stream

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Click on the link below to read my spoof on "reality" programming through a fictional television channel called "The Coyote Network". I wrote the entire 50,000 word novel in 27 DAYS as part of a contest/challenge.

Reality: The Novel

This just in . . . my new novel, The Green Moon, is available for order at a special pre-release price!


To read an synopsis, excerpt, and obtain ordering information, go to:

Please remember. . . do not re-print without permission of author. Thanks!

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