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January 2003 Inspirations
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Preditors and Editors


Check out the "My Biography" link. Many of you have asked me the same questions about me and my writing history, and so I have obliged with some personal as well as professional information!


Well, December was a great month!

First, the number of hits to Inspirations has more definitely gone up! Thank you for telling your friends about us!

Second, I had the honor of publishing Inspirations first outside submission--that is, not written by myself! Gaius is really more of an Easter story, and will remain posted through the Easter season.

Third, my web site won an award for excellence. Click on the Preditors and Editors link above for more information about the organization that bestowed this great honor!

I hope you enjoy this month's original short story. Don't forget to stop by the Article Page; January's article is very special to me--it's about my uncle, Thornton Dial. Some of you may have heard of him, studied him in school, or seen him on TV. He is a wonderful man who taught me some great lessons, and I've written an article about it. There are some links following the article that give bios and photos of his work. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!

Special Holiday Short Story


Christmas Short Story: The Gift (Christian)

  January 2003


Visit me at The Author's Den!

Click on the link below to read my spoof on "reality" programming through a fictional television channel called "The Coyote Network". I wrote the entire 50,000 word novel in 27 DAYS as part of a contest/challenge.

Reality: The Novel

This just in . . . my new novel, The Green Moon, is available for order at a special pre-release price!


To read an synopsis, excerpt, and obtain ordering information, go to:

Please remember. . . do not re-print without permission of author. Thanks!

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